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Club Contacts

All initial contact with the club should be made through the form below. Once a member has joined they will be granted access to the membership database so they can locate other members local to themselves.

The members of the committee are currently:

Chairman - Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins

Joining the EATOC group a few years ago, when my partner Griff purchased a 'Tiger' .To be truthful, I thought this group would be all engines, more engines and racing. However, I was totally surprised, by the friendliness of the members and the variety of events that the club arranges/attended. A great network of support and friends have been made through this club. Have enjoyed numerous trips out and look forward to many more. To be honest, I don't think we would have not have done so many miles, if we had not joined this club and enjoyed the company of the kit car owners.

I am the passenger (my choice) and have only driven the Tiger 3 times, and then he refers to me as Miss Daisy. Not a fan of car or bike racing, I prefer watching and playing tennis, which is my number 1 hobby.

Treasurer - Paula Tuck

Paula Tuck

I currently work for a Housing Association. Enjoy the usual girlie things, shopping, clothes, shoes, motorsport etc !!

My husband decided to buy a part built Tiger Cat back in 2007 as a little project . At the time I had no idea what a huge part this little car would play in our lives and how much fun we would have in it.

Although it was part built, Steve did strip it down and start again. He joined EATOC in March 2007 to meet like minded people and share ideas. Since the car was finished in early 2008 we have had so much fun with it. We have travelled around Europe with the Tiger. Camping as we went , a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Been on many club outings, car shows, camping, days out, track days etc the list is endless. I must hasten to add that although I am a Formula 1 fanatic and love cars, I am yet to drive a Tiger. I enjoy the fun of being a passenger too much !

EATOC is a friendly club with events to suit all.

Newsletter and website editor - Giles Cooper

Giles Cooper

I have been involved from almost the formation of the club back in 2000. The reason behind my role as the newsletter editor was the founder of the club wanted to get somebody else to write a monthly newsletter and I happened to be the only person who had written an article other than the editor. Sometimes though getting copy is a slightly challenging task.

Since then I have produced almost 80 newsletters of which I must have written just under half the words. Apart from running this website for the club, I also have a personal site at www.gilescooper.co.uk which has details of my Tiger.

When not involved in cars or clubs I work as a Network Engineer playing with Cisco equipment for an insurance broker (meerkats...) and also indulge my other hobby of photography. I have had some photos published in magazines but not enough to allow me to give up the day job.

Events Co-ordinator - Allan Griffin

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Committee member - John Aylward

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