How to Join EATOC

Please note, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic all normal activities organised by the club have been suspended for the forseable future.

However we are aware that people are still interested in joining the club, so until further notice the following will take effect.


Membership fees are still being accepted for the club with the following caveats

Your membership will run from now until the end of 2021.


1. The club is not producing magazines at present.

2. The club is not organising events at present.

3. The membership fee will be at the full years cost (£15 on-line).

4. You will be added to the club email distribution list so if anything is organised you will be informed.

5. You will be added to the club private facebook page if you use this media.

If after reading the above you still wish to become a member please click the text below to be taken to the application form.

Proceed to Application Form