How to Join EATOC

Do I need to own a Tiger?

No you don't need to own a Tiger to become a member of the club.

I don't live in East Anglia, can I still join?

Not a problem, although the majority of our members do live within East Anglia, we also have members in the rest of the country! However living a long distance from the club area could present a problem with attending events. If you are based outside the UK please contact us before applying for a membership price as we have to charge extra for postage.

What do I get?

As a member of EATOC you will get the following items included as part of your membership.

The Club magazine "Eatoc News" which is published regularly throughout the year.

Access to the members area of the club website

Discounted insurance cover

Public Liability Cover: We has a policy in place to provide public liablity cover for all the club members. All paid up members of the club are covered. By paid up we mean that the membership fees have been paid and those fees have cleared through our bank account. Until this happens you are not classed as a full member and the insurance won't cover you.

How much does it cost?

The club operates a standard renewal date where every member is renewed on the 1st January - this is to keep costs down. Due to this we have different fees depending on when you choose to join the club.

Application Date
1st Jan - 30th Jun
Application Date
1st July - 31st Dec
Costs £ 16.50£ 8.50

You've convinced me to join - so whats next?

You have three options

You can download an application form post it to the address printed on it with a cheque made payable to EATOC for the appropriate amount.

You can join at one of the events or shows we attend - we now have the facility to take card payments (as long as we can find the person with the terminal)

Please note with very rare computer / browser combinations the form fails to work properly. It appears to process but then fails to bring up the payment page. If this happens please use the form on this page to let us know so we can sort it out for you.