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EATOC Club History

The club was started in January 2000 to provide Tiger owners and anyone else who may be interested to have a means of communicating with like-minded people.

We produce a regular newsletter and organise drives, attendance at shows, pub meetings and other events across around East Anglia and beyond. However due to the area the club covers we can't know about everything in your local patch. So if you know of a show / venue / pub then you are encouraged to let the events co-ordinator know. 

The club holds a £5 million public liability insurance cover for the members.

The club is very active, and growing all the time, so why not join us. The application form can be found on the How to Join page.

When we process your membership application you will be contacted with the details of your membership. A welcome pack will follow by post and includes a free EATOC sticker for your car. 

All initial contact with the club should be made through the form below.