What is a Tiger - Cat E1 / Supercat / Cat XL


Tiger have now bought the rights to the Cat back from Southways and can supply spare parts - they won't be making any new Cats however.

The Cat E1 is now out of production and after being bought by Southways Sportscars the rights have been reverted back to Tiger which is good news on the spares availability. The Cat is based on a single donor car (Sierra) it is easy to build with a lot of the parts simply unbolting and attached directly to the new chassis.

The Cat is unique amongst similarly styled cars in that it uses the entire Sierra rear axle subframe as it unbolts from the donor. There is a downside though it is a rather heavy unit but it does make for easy assembly.

Defining characteristics of the car are the aluminium side panels and the one piece rear bodywork (rather than separate wheel arches hanging on the tub).

The variants mentioned above are the Supercat which has wider rear wheel arches for bigger tyres (the Cat was developed for 185 section, the supercat will take 205) and the Cat XL which has 3" more width in the cockpit area for the more generously proportioned driver.

Production 1997-2015
Chassis 1" Square Tube
Weight 630kg (approx)
Engine Ford 4 cylinder Inline
Gearbox Ford Type 9
Rear Axle Sierra Rear Sub Frame
Front Axle Sierra Front Hubs