What is a Tiger - ERA 30


Tiger also own the rights to the English Racing Automobiles (ERA) name and this is one of the two cars developed to carry that name. This is unlike any other car developed by Tiger. The ERA 30 features styling based on the Lotus 23 (the '30' name derives from the cars height) with a midmounted Zetec powerplant coupled to a Hewland MK9 transmission.

The body is available in two versions with different rear sections possible and is also designed to be competitive on the track as well as a very capable road car.

Another little known fact is that the front suspension of this car is lifted entirely from an R6 with the same geometry and track to ensure a good handling car.

Production 2006-present
Chassis 1" Square Tube
Weight 575kg
Engine Ford Zetec
Gearbox Hewland Mk9
Rear Axle Hewland
Front Axle Sierra Front Hubs