What is a Tiger - ZR6


This monster is based on the lightweight RS6 but is a little bit quicker. The car features a Ford Duratec engine as its powerplant which has a Rotrax Supercharger and full Throttle Body engine management as well. The net result at the moment is 265bhp with more to come as the engines are run in.

Having been out in the car when you could only use 1/2 the available power due to the road conditions the acceleration is ferocious and utterly relentless. A truely fantastic car!

Defining characteristics of the car are the all aluminium bodywork with the extra vents required to keep the engine and intercooler from overheating and the built in roll cage at the back.

Production 2008-present
Chassis Round tube
Weight 570kg (approx)
Engine Ford Duratec (custom)
Gearbox Quaife type 9
Rear Axle Ford 7"
Front Axle Sierra Hubs